At Your Service

We offer individually customized services to writers, musicians and artists with packages that allow you to use our programs in the way that best fits your vision for success.

We provide assistance with composition, production, development and promotion of your music.

Production Services

Musicians often have an idea of what they want to achieve, but don’t always know how to get there. Wickham Music creates the path that takes the music from an idea to finished product whether the goal is to enhance enjoyment for personal use, or to create a platform for promotion.

Wickham Music can provide an objective point of view that builds on an artist’s strengths while improving on their skill set. We get into the mind of the artist to dissect the layers of their work and ¬†rebuild it into a stronger piece, performance and industry standard product.

Production Services Include:

  • Evaluation and advising on music and songwriting
  • Supervision of the recording and development process
  • Song licensing rights for cover songs
  • ASCAP or BMI registration of your own work
  • Video production
  • Physical product- including albums and promotional materials

Promotion Services

WSet the stage for your successe’ve streamlined the process of building a fan base and providing greater opportunity for fan connectivity. We source the most valuable and cost effective online music platforms for music placement and promotion.

We can help build your Business Music Plan, in your unique voice, and then we’ll work with you to ensure that you have the highest quality, professional representation of your work through attention to details and harmonization of design elements.

We synchronize your online presence across all channels, through social media and online music resource and promotional venues to ensure that your audience can find your music and share your success.

Wickham Music can orchestrate the details of your music marketing to allow you to make use of your time creating the music you are passionate about.

Marketing Services Include:

  • Online Music Sites- build out and build momentum based on chosen genre.
  • Position new and previous releases into optimized category.
  • Online promotion through owned social channels and website.
  • Traditional Live Performance Promotion
  • Establish and management of¬† music membership sites
  • Weekly analytics and performance indicators to determine future placement and promotion of your work.